Weird image I found on the Simpsons

Weird image I found on the Simpsons








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The fact that this surprises people really bothers me.

Me too

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I played steam world dig over the holidays on my 3DS. I have to say it was an amazing game. It kept me very engaged and it kept me very entertained. It feels like were all on this trip now where we refuse to give digital games a chance. I gave this one a chance due to some hype provided by the internet and steam folks.

The metroid style is done nicely and it plays a bit like mine craft. How here where mine craft kinda dropped the ball steam world picked it up. The plot although minuscule is entertaining as well.

You play as a robot who has come to investigate what happened in these mines before you arrived. Meanwhile you can take your plunder and sell it off for really awesome trade in.

Progression was simple also. The main objective is to simply go down. However you should explore as much as you can. Get jewels and get cash and get cool weapons and tools.

My only real gripe with this game is that it was too short. For it’s price tag of 14 it was too short. It needed one or two more layers to it.

Yeah this sucks on this format I’d rather play with buttons to be honest

Yeah this sucks on this format I’d rather play with buttons to be honest


this is my favorite post of all time


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Blockbuster Video is officially closing its last remaining 300 retail stores. Below is an urgent plea from totally-not-Photoshopped Sarah McLachlan:

These Abandoned Blockbuster Videos Need YOUR Help! [Click for audio accompaniment] 

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