Well I don’t know what else to say about this game that hasn’t already been said. Lots people either love this game or they hate it. It also gets a lot of flack for not being an L4D clone from Valve. Some people get bored rather easily with it meanwhile others seem to love it. So it seems to be at a love hate with alot of people. 

   I used to have an Xbox and L4D along with it. As much as I love Left 4 Dead I don’t expect the same experience from all of the zombie games I play. Zombi U was that perfect experience by challenging you with a realistic setting within the game. There is also the lack of ammunition forcing you to consider a way around the zombies/ walkers/ dead/ infected. ( pick your poison with all of the shows and stuff out there haha) 

   I do enjoy limitations in a game because it forces you to use your brain and think while under pressure. The different spawn system also raises the stakes with your supplies. So the game itself has a very amazing quality to it and potential.  

   Here however are some constructive criticisms. This game is amazing in the 1 player campaign. However if the world were expanded and then people could run in to one another to help compete in missions online would be a great option. 

   There is also a problem with the multiplayer. For what could be available it was lacking. This is one case where I feel that online is not the case really. Although as I said before there is no online Cooperative; the local is lacking. The modes of Zombie King vs Survivor could have just added an s to it. (survivorS) that wouldve made it better. Considering 4 survivors vs the one Zombie king. 

   Zombi U is ultimately a solid game. I’ll give it 3 and half stars out of 5. It is a great game. It does give you suspense for the right reasons. The mechanics are not hard to master and the gameplay is fluent. The shooting mechanics (hint to those looking use ammunition wisely) is borrowed from call of duty. Auto aim upon the draw straight to the head. ZOmbies are also able to infect you on one bite making it a solid challenge. 

  However the challenge is what most people seem to not like. They hate the challenge and prefer a shooter. I don’t know if that is too big a deal to me. However it does not appeal to most. Hence there in lie an issue. There have been many issues with games as of late being repetitive however people have claimed many issues with the Wii U. 

Next time ill discuss my experiences with the Wii U and how it has differed from others.